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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Money-Maker Attitude For Putting Money In The Bank By Dianne M. Buxton

Whether you are struggling to get ahead, or are as wealthy as
Oprah, you probably have some unmet goals that somehow elude

Do you shudder and suppress fear when you think of your
retirement income - that is, if you can consider retiring? After
all, retiring is about income, not age. And the whole social
security issue is pretty scary....

What exactly is that money-maker attitude that will put the
money you need in the bank? How are you really feeling when you
focus on what you want?

You may have seen the movie "The Secret" and learned about the
law of attraction. It's very exciting. But where do you start
applying "think positive and get the results"? What are all the
related beliefs and patterns involved in that?

Brad Yates states in "Money Beyond Belief" that:

"Money is simply the visible manifestation of your internal
beliefs about wealth and abundance. They're all part of the same
"unified field," or system".

He explains how a tapping technique can be used to heal your
negative emotional patterns with 9 simple taps, on spots on your
body that are essentially, energy gateways. Brad's premise is
that the lack of money in your life is simply a distortion in
your energy field--that you can heal within minutes.

He believes you can release inner-conflicts around money and
expects that you will feel an amazing, pleasurable surge of
energy each time you do the technique.

Accordingly, you can attract countless money-making
opportunities into your life and you won't be able to stop
opportunities from coming in.

You will be able to tune your subconscious mind into a
perpetual "wealth frequency" (which is always on and working!)

This process will then transform your relationship to money (so
you're not stressed out about where the next paycheck is coming
from). You would have a different default state of mind, a
better resting place for when you are not deliberately focusing
on what you want.

I've written quite a lot about "what you say (think, vibrate
with) is what you get". This is a good way to leave behind the
specific words and phrases (reflecting your true beliefs) that
have been keeping you from being successful.

This tapping technique is a "do-it-yourself" healing system
that you can practice anytime. Literally.

I've got some more about it on my blogs and I recommend it for
changing the long and winding road to a shorter and happier

About the Author: Do you want to be strong, healthy, inspired,
fit, and successful? And enjoy your life, thoughts, talents,
family, office space and home more? Dianne provides inspiration
and concrete advice at and


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