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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is a Maverick Money Maker? By Robert Hemken Jr

You no doubt have heard the term being tossed around lately
"Maverick Money Maker" and have wondered what it means. I know
the first time I heard it I thought it was just a catchy phrase
for another Internet marketing scheme. Boy was I wrong. Let me

Are you familiar with the term affiliate marketer? Most likely
you are. If not, it is some one who sells or refers some one
Else's product for a commission. This is a very popular way to
make money online these days. A Super Affiliate is some one who
is very good at this, someone who makes a handsome living
marketing online, other people's products. Super Affiliates make
thousands of dollars a day.

We all know what a Maverick is. Someone who doesn't do things
in the expected way or some one who strikes out on his or her
own against all odds. This attitude when applied to affiliate
marketing means someone who thinks outside the box and is
willing to try new techniques along with the proven ones to earn
some money online. A Maverick Money Maker is someone who is
willing to work hard and expects to receive the fruits of his or
her labor for doing so.

Who wouldn't like to make a little extra money or even a
handsome living online? Most who try fail and get discouraged
and never try again. But not a Maverick Money Maker. Did you
know that Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he
finally invented the light bulb? After one failure he said
"learned one more way not to make a light bulb". What a positive
thinker, a Maverick in his own time.

Most of us, my self included, work hard at our regular jobs but
just never seem to be able to get ahead of things. In the
current economy many of us are falling behind. Many have gone
bankrupt and have even lost their homes. It would be nice to
make a little extra money but we just don't have the time. It
takes a real Maverick to get out of the rut we seem to be in.
Anyone who becomes an affiliate marketer has that potential and
is a bit of a Maverick.

Being a Maverick Money Maker is not for everyone but it can be
lucrative and satisfying. It can be accomplished by investing a
very small amount, close to nothing. The biggest expense is a
computer and an internet connection and I'll bet you already
have these in place! However, you will have to invest your time,
the more invested, the faster results will be seen.

A Maverick Money Maker shows a profit immediately, within the
first 30 days usually. There is no need for a web page or a
large advertising budget. You will have to invest in yourself by
spending the time and energy in learning the techniques required
to be a Maverick Money Maker.

Would you like to be a Maverick Money Maker? I thought so.

About the Author: Maverick Money Makers are building a
recession proof online businesses. Would you like to join me?

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Money-Maker Attitude For Putting Money In The Bank By Dianne M. Buxton

Whether you are struggling to get ahead, or are as wealthy as
Oprah, you probably have some unmet goals that somehow elude

Do you shudder and suppress fear when you think of your
retirement income - that is, if you can consider retiring? After
all, retiring is about income, not age. And the whole social
security issue is pretty scary....

What exactly is that money-maker attitude that will put the
money you need in the bank? How are you really feeling when you
focus on what you want?

You may have seen the movie "The Secret" and learned about the
law of attraction. It's very exciting. But where do you start
applying "think positive and get the results"? What are all the
related beliefs and patterns involved in that?

Brad Yates states in "Money Beyond Belief" that:

"Money is simply the visible manifestation of your internal
beliefs about wealth and abundance. They're all part of the same
"unified field," or system".

He explains how a tapping technique can be used to heal your
negative emotional patterns with 9 simple taps, on spots on your
body that are essentially, energy gateways. Brad's premise is
that the lack of money in your life is simply a distortion in
your energy field--that you can heal within minutes.

He believes you can release inner-conflicts around money and
expects that you will feel an amazing, pleasurable surge of
energy each time you do the technique.

Accordingly, you can attract countless money-making
opportunities into your life and you won't be able to stop
opportunities from coming in.

You will be able to tune your subconscious mind into a
perpetual "wealth frequency" (which is always on and working!)

This process will then transform your relationship to money (so
you're not stressed out about where the next paycheck is coming
from). You would have a different default state of mind, a
better resting place for when you are not deliberately focusing
on what you want.

I've written quite a lot about "what you say (think, vibrate
with) is what you get". This is a good way to leave behind the
specific words and phrases (reflecting your true beliefs) that
have been keeping you from being successful.

This tapping technique is a "do-it-yourself" healing system
that you can practice anytime. Literally.

I've got some more about it on my blogs and I recommend it for
changing the long and winding road to a shorter and happier

About the Author: Do you want to be strong, healthy, inspired,
fit, and successful? And enjoy your life, thoughts, talents,
family, office space and home more? Dianne provides inspiration
and concrete advice at and

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: Google Profits - The Easy Way To Earn On Google By Gary Paul

Whenever it comes to investing in information, I always
remember the story of the plumber who fixed the factory’s pipes
and invoiced a hefty fee for “knowing where to hit”.

Here follows my review on an ebook that “knows where to hit”
when it comes to making money with Google.

The Google Profits ebook by Wade Winger

Google Profits opens with an introduction to the basics on a
particular brand of internet earning: harnessing the combined
power of affiliate marketing and Google Ads.

The recommended affiliate system in the book is Clickbank, and
you are given everything you need to know, including clear
screen shots, on how to set up a ClickBank account and get
choosing the eproducts that can earn a steady income in
affiliate commissions.

The book is divided throughout into two sections: information
and action - the information sections tell you everything you
need to know, clearly and concisely and the action sections take
you through how to do things. Again, with screen shots and very
clear instructions.

This ebook would be worth it’s cover price for the hand-holding
in getting set up with ClickBank and Google Ads alone - but it
goes way further.

Wade Winger is an honest and easy to follow author, who reads
as a supportive guide on the rocky road to internet riches. He
gives good information, clearly knows what he’s talking about
from direct experience, and he readily shares the tips and
tweaks that are the difference between making a profit and
running up your Visa bill with Google ad fees that don’t make

His safety formula for bidding on ads that will bring results
is excellent.

Throughout Google Profits you feel like you’re in good and
experienced hands, there is never a sense of a half-baked
product out to make a buck. Wade is giving you his own time
tested recipe for success.

He even gives a detailed breakdown of his own test campaigns
and shows you how to decide a potentially good earner from a
product that won’t earn you money, with just a few days and a
few dollars investment.

I’ve tested his process myself, and am watching my profits and
progress with interest. Once you’ve got the hang of the info
from the book, all you really need to replicate the process and
set up additional money earning ad campaigns is the handy cheat
sheet included as a bonus. With Google Profits by your side, you
could well be on your way to a tidy second income.

In conclusion: a well presented, informative and hype-free
manual to earning money with Google ads and affiliate products.
Highly recommended.

About the Author: Gary Paul is an independent reviewer of
ebooks. His interest is in helping readers find good quality
products among the 1,000's available on the internet. Find out
more about Google Proftis on his site at along with free articles on
earning money from writing, blogging and building website

Three (Big) Little Diamonds: Google Suggest, Google Copyscape And Google Pages By Henry Aldrete

The three-hundred pound gorilla is actually trying to help you.
What the Google lab works has done is to create several tools
designed to help any Internet business grow. This article will
discuss the three major tools to find keywords, protect your web
copy and get listed quickly on the search engines.

For free no less!

Let’s start with the first: Google suggest. This is a little
known but powerful tool that will find keywords for you based on
the words you input. It looks just like the normal google search
engine page except that as you type google “guesses” what your
next letter will be -like the predictive text feature of cell
phones- and serve up ten popularity-based keywords and their
total search numbers for a given period of time. What’s it good
for? Keyword searching based on Google's own search records! You
can even drill down on any keyword to find a sub-set of very
useful keywords and their search numbers.

The second tool is Google copyscape. We all know web copy
“stealing” is rampant on the web. Outright copying of pages is
wrong of course and can land you in serious trouble but it is a
known fact that many marketers have and use a “swipe” file made
up of other marketers web copy that has potential to be used in
one’s own web copy. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my
web copy to be used illegally by anyone! (If you really want it
just ask). Ok so how can Google copyscape help? This is a free
service from, you simply put the copyscape html
code on your pages (which is actually the logo.
This warns users to not copy your pages). Visit
and input your own web site .com name and copyscape (now owned
by google) will scan the entire Internet for any duplication of
your web pages copy. This is a quick way to find who is using
your material without your permission. What you do after that is
your business.

The third tool can help you get links back your main site and
with a little luck get you'll get listed quickly by Google
itself. Go to Google.pages. And after you sign up, you put up
simple web pages using the on line web page maker software (it's
actually very easy to use). The trick is to put a link somewhere
on those pages back to your main web site. Because it is run and
operated by Google itself, you will get spidered very fast and
with that link back to your web site you should get a bump in
your main web sites rank. Brilliant!

So there you have them. Three excellent tools to do research,
protect your pages and rank quickly. As a business marketer
(whether on line or off line) you should always be on the
lookout for new and better ways to accomplish your plans. These
three tolls will help you do just that. Be sure to Visit:, and google.pages and start
growing your business today.

About the Author: Henry Aldrete is an Internet Marketer who
loves giving value.Learn how to make your web site sell, build
your site using the included web site hosting account and market
your products using a complete suite of tools that support your
efforts. Visit: Today!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Beginner’s Tutorial On How To Use YouTube Video By Paul Lyke

Whether you’re wanting to distribute your videos for personal
or business, YouTube is the easiest way to get started in web
video. All you need is a video capture device (webcam, mobile
phone, digital camera) and a computer with an internet
connection, and you’re ready to go. The other part is to create
interesting, informative or compelling content that would
attract viewers. This is the part that most users forget to
focus on. So here’s how to get started:

1) Decide if this is for personal fun or business reasons.
YouTube is used for business, but most use a professional video
production company to film and edit their video first. YouTube
is only used as a distribution channel. You don’t want the
first impression of your business to be amateur webcam video, so
leave it to the professionals. If you’re doing YouTube for fun,
then technical quality doesn’t matter...only content matters!

2) Plan your video content. YouTube videos that get watched are
the ones that are UNIQUE. It’s something amazing or informative
that people have never seen before. Maybe it’ll be something
fun, like rolling a 15-foot ball made out of Legos down the
street, or filming your cats and overdubbing them with voices.
Or you can take a journalistic approach, like the guy that was
stuck on a plane for three hours on the runway, without any a/c
or water. He grabbed his cellphone and made a video of his
experience, and uploaded it to YouTube. It was such a PR
nightmare for the airline, he got a $100 voucher out of it! The
other approach to your YouTube content can be for educational
information. If you’re an expert at a piece of software, you can
use screen capture software that automatically records your
screen and narration on how to use it. Maybe there’s a
political, religious, or industrial topic you would like to
debate on a particular channel. Just remember to always create
compelling content that will attract an audience.

3) Setup your video capture devices to record. If you use a
webcam, you can record directly at YouTube’s website. First
create a free account, then select "Upload" text link at the top
middle of the page. Click "record from webcam" and Adobe flash
player will ask you permission to turn your webcam on. Click
“Allow” and you’ll instantly see yourself on the webpage! Then
click "Ready to Record" and you’ll be recording. After you’re
done, click STOP, and you can watch what you did, publish, or
re-record. If you’re recording your video on a cell phone, some
will let you upload directly to YouTube, or it makes a digital
file that you can transfer to your computer when you connect via
your USB cable. In that case, click "upload video" and point it
to your video file on your computer. The other option is to use
your digital camera, most of which take decent video. After you
take your video, simply transfer the video file to your
computer, and select "Upload Video" on the YouTube upload, and
select your video file. The file will automatically upload and
show you the progress of the upload.

4) Specify your video title and keywords. After you’ve uploaded
or published your video file, you now need to specify the
content of your video so users can find it. Craft the title of
your video to be descriptive and exciting. Instead of "talking
cats" something more like "Hidden camera catches cat
conversation" or "What cats say when no one is around" would be
much more intriguing. In the description field, you can expound
on your video with a few more sentences. The "Tags" field is for
keywords that people would be searching for. If you’re doing an
informative video about a political issue, you’d want to include
keywords of each of your main points in this field.

5) Designate the broadcasting and privacy options for your
video. Most of these can be left to the default settings, as
they are the most popular. If you want your video to only be
viewed by a link that you send to people directly, and not
viewable or searchable to the general public, then select
"Unlisted". If you only want certain viewers that you specify,
select "Private." Decide if you want to enable public comments,
or if you want to be able to approve or disapprove of certain
comments before they’re posted. There are a few other options
for your video but if you’re just getting started there’s no
reason to mess with them. Then just click “save changes” and
you’re ready to go! Depending on the length of your video, it
could take a few minutes to fully process and become searchable.

About the Author: Paul Lyke is a video producer at MidSouth
Visual, Inc. (, a Nashville video
production company.

How To Download Newpapers To Your Ipad By Martha Reuben

The new Apple's iPad portable e-reader is well built for the
purpose of reading newspapers and magazine. The intuitive and
book-like user interface,coupled with the easy to use navigation
aids, graphics and full vivid color display does make reading
newspapers and magazines on the ipad particularly more enjoyable
than on the kindle.

Downloading newspapers to read on your ipad is very simple and
can be summarized in three simple steps:

First Step
Buy an ipad. Head over to, amazon or your
trusted local retailer and purchase one. Its going to cost you
between $499-$829 for an ipad of your choice at

Second step
select the apps icon on iPad home screen to have a quick
checkout of the apps that are installed on your iPad. You can go
to an App store and add apps from top selling newspapers like
the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Purchase the
iBooks app if you want to read e-books on your ipad too. Apple
usually will charge $9.99 for iBooks. IBooks is compatible with
the Mac. Apps are also available to access news content from BBC
News, USA today, Wall Street Journal, Financial times among
others (most newspapers charge a subscription fee). you can
search the apps store for your desired news apps.

Third step
Once you have your newspaper app loaded on the iPad, you can
adjust the screen and light. You also have the option of
selecting the number of columns and fonts that you would like to
read with. The New York Times app for example has a friendly
drop-down contextual menu that will support multi-touch
functionality. Relax and enjoy reading

If you want to download ibooks/unlimited media/news
publications on your ipad for next to nothing join a membership
site. myPadMedia an example of such site. They allow members to
access thousands of eBooks, comic books, and newspapers to
straight to their iPad. As for news papers myPadmedia provides
access to a huge database of thousands of live newspaper sites
from around the world which members can read on their iPad.

The site offers thousands of types of ipad eBooks, such as ipad
novels in a range of genres such as bestsellers, classics,
mystery, thriller, crime, romance(Note that these are not just
any other books but bestsellers and books that can be purchased
either at your local bookstore or on the iTunes iBookstore)

You can also download hundreds of ipad comics such as superhero
action, manga, anime, and comedy comic books straight to your
iPad and lastly of course is access to a huge database of
thousands of live newspaper sites from around the world straight
to your iPad.

Other benefits of my pad media are there is no P2P file sharing
so you don't have to worry about copyright infringement or
illegal file-sharing, you get around the clock(24 hour) support
with excellent customer service, It is compatible with the
iPhone and iPod Touch and other eBook devices like Amazon's
Kindle and the Barnes & Noble nook and most importantly that you
get all this media for a one lifetime subscription fee of
$49.99.Considering that you can pay up to $15 to download one
ebook or $17 for a monthly newspaper subscription (wall street
journal) I consider this a huge steal.

About the Author: Get more information about my Pad Media and
how to read newspapers on your ipad without weekly subscriptions
fees at

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feel Success, Live Success, Have Success By David Fishman

You can start right now and be successful? When you try to
focus on the positive things in life you start to see more
positive things. You need feeling, believing and positively and
successfully, start reading books about positive thinking and
being successful. Everyday you need to think and act successful,
by doing this you will feel and become successful.

Remind yourself that you are close to starting everything from
the beginning again. Get yourself a hobby anything that takes
your mind off the world for a while will help increase your love
of life and help you relax, eliminate stress, and enjoy peace.
Without pushing yourself you will never become successful or
have the ability to become successful.

Keep your plan with you at all times and read it aloud to
yourself several times during the day. By allowing yourself the
time, and I’m talking about just a few minutes here, to stop,
breathe deeply and relax effectively, you can soon reap the
rewards. To become successful you need to place your mind in
state of happiness and positive thinking, by doing this you
attract positive people and by attracting positive people you
will attract successful people who will help with your success.

Here is your key to success. Passion is the key to meaningful
achievement in any calling.

To answer this riddle, first you have to separate the behavior
from the positive intention of the behavior. If we have a
thought or we are depressed and we don’t like this we can easily
get rid of this negativity or negative thought by thinking of a
positive thought, by feeling the positive thought with our
emotions we are able to switch the universe to switch to the
more positive thought and the outcome is more acceptable to you.
If you change your behavior and your purposes, your life
position is not as it used to be any more.

Any formula based on behavior patterns has a good chance of
being successful.

It’s important to commit your goals to paper, so write them
down and display your goals where you will see them each day.
Break down larger long-term goals into monthly or weekly goals
so you can stay on track without feeling overwhelmed. Writing
your goals will effectively enable you to put them into action.

What is it that’s in it for you that will drive you to pursue
the goals that you have defined. Be very specific about your
goals. Only when there is a specific goal can you develop an
effective strategy.

Einstein says that “imagination is the glimpse into the future”
Every human who imagined and dreamed was able to bring this
dream into reality by believing that it was real already. When
you believe the universe has the ability to understand that this
is not a dream but reality and the universe realigns to make it

About the Author: David Marc Fishman is the owner of tipsquad,
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online auction at